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RAY PLANET GUITARS is an Aluminum Electric Guitar Company based in Barcelona. We are proud to have revolutionized the world of Aluminum Guitars with the pioneering creation of the one-piece CNC machined guitar.

Our PCT Aluminum Electric Guitar Patent, consisting of a single solid block of CNC machined aluminum, has managed to dispel the conventional misconception that an Aluminum Guitar Body combined with an Aluminum Guitar Neck was in fact an Aluminum Electric Guitar.

As the sole company constructing these groundbreaking guitars, we’re glad to introduce you to the definitive and most innovative Aluminum Electrical Guitar that you’ll ever find.

The RAY PLANET Aluminum Guitar Experience

The Ray Planet’s Aluminum Guitars

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More than one minute of sustain

After all the hype about how cool aluminum is, what did you think? That’s all, folks? Nope. All this talk and R&D innovations translate into a guitar with over a minute of natural sustain, no background noise, and perpetual stability in adjustments.

electrical guitar company standard

The Original Ray Planet RIP Switch

Yes, we know, you just call it the ‘Kill Switch’ (like Tom Morello and Matt Bellamy!). Well, here’s the thing: We felt so compelled to modify the concept, the mechanism itself, and its usage that we have had to change its name. Plug in your Baby and experience our brand-new original RIP Switch.

They have already played a Ray Planet Aluminum Guitar

El Twanguero Diego García

El Twanguero

Diego García is a virtuoso Spanish guitarist. Known for his mastery of the twang style, he blends rockabilly, surf, and country with Latin and Spanish music. His technical skills and passionate stage presence have earned him international recognition!
Miki Florensa La pegatina Ray Planet guitarra aluminio

Miki Florensa

La Pegatina is a spirited musical ensemble from Spain that features the skilled and dynamic guitarist Miki Florensa. With his impressive guitar skills, Miki adds a captivating edge to their ska, rumba, and punk rock fusion, electrifying their performances even more!
Friedman Ray Planet Aluminum guitar abc

Friedman Amplification

is a renowned high-end guitar amp brand. Founded by Dave Friedman, their amplifiers boast exceptional build quality, unmatched tone & versatility offering a wide range of classic and modern sounds which makes them a top choice in the industry.
Greg Howe aluminium guitar Ray Planet

Greg Howe

is a highly skilled guitarist known for his fusion of rock, jazz, and shred styles. His lightning-fast technique, melodic phrasing, and improvisational abilities have cemented his status as a respected figure in the guitar community.
Tom Anderson tests an Aluminum guitar

Tom Anderson

is a highly regarded luthier and the founder of Anderson Guitarworks. With a passion for creating exceptional electric guitars, his impeccable craftsmanship, superior playability, and remarkable tonal versatility have earned him a distinguished reputation worldwide.
Patrick Eggle with Ray Planet Aluminium guitars electrical company

Patrick James Eggle

is a renowned luthier and the driving force behind his eponymous guitar brand. With meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs, their instruments, are cherished by musicians worldwide for their unparalleled playability and distinctive sound. He has explored the tones of a Ray Planet aluminum guitar!
Gamechanger Audio aluminum electric guitar co

Gamechanger Audio

is a pioneering company that creates groundbreaking musical devices. Combining cutting-edge technology with a fresh approach to sound design, their unique and inspiring capabilities, push the boundaries of sonic exploration!
Fred Taccone electric guitar company aluminum Ray Planet

Divided by 13

Fred Taccone: The mind behind Divided by 13. His craftsmanship in manufacturing high-quality guitar amps and his expertise in design & construction has clearly achieved its own reputation and recognition for vintage-inspired sound among musicians worldwide.
Michael League Snarky puppy aluminium electrical guitars company

Michael League

is the visionary bassist and leader of the Grammy-winning band Snarky Puppy. With his exceptional musicality and composition skills, he has redefined the boundaries of jazz fusion, incorporating elements of funk, world music, and soul into captivating performances.
Grover Jackson electrical guitar company egc

Jackson Guitars

Grover Jackson is a prominent figure in the world of guitar craftsmanship. Becoming iconic in the heavy metal scene, Jackson’s innovations and collaborations with artists have left an enduring impact on the music industry, solidifying his legacy.
Tony Farinella evidenceaudio and Ray Planet aluminum guitar

Evidence Audio

We are proud to say that we wire all of our guitars with Evidence Audio. Founded by Tony Farinella, their superior craftsmanship and performance provide musicians & audio enthusiasts with pristine signal transmission, reduced noise, and complete reliability.
Samy Boller electrical guitar company standard

Sammy Boller

known for his dynamic and versatile playing style with a background in classical and rock music, he seamlessly blends technical prowess and emotive phrasing. Unique melodic compositions with impressive solos have established him as a rising talent in the guitar world.
Death by Audio and Ray Planet aluminium guitars

Death By Audio

is a renowned effects pedal company founded by Oliver Ackermann. Known for their handcrafted and experimental pedals. Known for their unique and unpredictable sounds makes them a favorite among adventurous musicians and noise enthusiasts.
Rob Harris Aluminum guitars Ray Planet

Rob Harris

Guitarist for the British band Jamiroquai, his contributions to their diverse productions and live performances, along with his own rhythmic guitar playing and improvisational skills, have been integral to the band’s energetic and distinctive sound.
Reverb at NAMM and Ray Planet Aluminum guitars company


is a music store offering a diverse range of high-quality musical instruments and equipment. With an extensive selection of guitars, keyboards, drums, and more, they cater to musicians of all levels. Reverb: The ultimate destination for music enthusiasts!
Mark Holcomb Periphery Aluminum electrical guitars

Marc Holcomb

is a guitarist renowned for his role in the progressive metal band Periphery. Known for his melodic and technical playing style on seven-string guitar, Mark’s creative compositions and virtuosic skills have solidified his reputation asa prominent figure in the metal genre.

Andy James

is a renowned guitarist in Rock & Metal. His incredible technique, blistering speed, captivating melodies and influential contributions to the guitar community have earned him a devoted following worldwide and a highly respected and admired figure among musicians. He has tested out a Ray Planet aluminum guitar!
Two-Rock aluminium guitars Ray Planet

Two-Rock Amplification

Is a prestigious brand acclaimed for creating boutique guitar amplifiers. Revered for their exquisite tonal quality, dynamic range, and responsiveness, Two-Rock delivers unparalleled sonic experiences trusted by renowned musicians worldwide.
Thermion Engineering Ray Planet Aluminium guitars

Thermion Engineering

is distinguished Spanish amp brand known for advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship. Revered for superior sound and versatility across genres and styles. Committed to innovation and premium components, offering a top-tier musical experience.
Raimundo Amador test Ray Planet aluminum electrical guitar company

Raimundo Amador

is a legendary Spanish guitarist and singer. His unique style blends traditional flamenco techniques with rock and blues, creating a powerful and soulful sound that has gained its own reputation and an influential figure in the current world of music. He has played a Ray Planet aluminum guitar!

JJ Julius Son

is the talented vocalist and frontman of the rock and blues band Kaleo. A powerful voice and emotional delivery captivates audiences worldwide. His charisma and ability to convey deep emotions have turned Kaleo into a prominent force in the contemporary music scene. He has experienced the Ray Planet aluminum guitar!
Chase Bliss Audio tests, a Ray Planet Aluminum guitars company

Chase Bliss Audio

is a renowned boutique pedal company known for its innovative and meticulously crafted effects pedals. Their pedals feature a unique combination of analog and digital circuitry, pushing the boundaries of creativity and offering musicians a vast range of sonic possibilities.
Mary Spender aluminum guitars

Mary Spender

is a talented British guitarist known for her unique style and ability to blend musical genres. Her inspiring influence, virtuosity and innovative approach, has gained a large following and become a prominent figure in the music community. She has had a go with a Ray Planet aluminum guitar!
Vinnie Moore aluminum guitar co

Vinnie Moore

is a highly acclaimed guitarist known for his virtuosic playing and melodic style. With a career spanning several decades, Moore’s exceptional technique and captivating solos have solidified his reputation as a guitar maestro in the music industry.

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Here you will find all the technical details of our aluminum guitars. We hope this information helps you discover the quality of our electrical guitar company.

Aluminum Guitars FAQs:

Striving for tonal perfection? Look no further than aluminum in the world of music. Aluminum is a game-changer in the electric guitar industry, offering unparalleled acoustic properties and a lightweight design that makes it the top choice for musicians seeking a premium instrument.

Tom Anderson tests an Aluminum guitar

The choice of material in constructing an electric guitar plays a pivotal role in shaping its sound and performance. When compared to wood, aluminum stands out as the superior material in every aspect. In fact, today, aluminum can be hailed as the nearly perfect material for crafting exceptional guitars.

Experience extraordinary resonance and sustained notes with an aluminum electric guitar – setting a new standard for musical expression.

Mary Spender aluminum guitars

Let’s delve into the simplicity of why. Imagine an ideal material for sound propagation, allowing sound waves to traverse uniformly and without interference over infinite distances. This is the essence of aluminum, minimizing disruptions such as changes in density, rigidity, expansions, contractions, temperature variations, resonance, porosity, and impurities.

In essence, these are the qualities to embrace:

Why is rigidity crucial in a guitar material, especially when considering aluminum guitar?

Rigidity is essential for efficiently transmitting sound waves, and aluminum, being more rigid than wood, aids in the effective transmission of sound.

What does an aluminum guitar sound like?

Denser materials, like aluminum, tend to transmit sound more effectively, contributing to better sound transmission in an aluminum guitar.

Why is homogeneity important when discussing aluminum guitars and their material structure?

Homogeneity in aluminum’s structure, especially in high-quality alloys, reduces undesired reflections, ensuring better sound transmission without disruptions.

Do aluminum guitars sound different?

Aluminum has a higher speed of sound propagation than wood, allowing sound waves to travel faster and minimizing reflections and refractions in an aluminum guitar.

Why is low attenuation crucial for sound conservation in the context of an aluminum guitar?

Low attenuation in aluminum ensures better preservation of sound energy during transmission, contributing to improved overall sound quality.

In what way does low thermal conductivity play a role in enhancing sound energy preservation in aluminum guitars?

Low thermal conductivity in aluminum helps prevent the loss of sound energy due to temperature changes, contributing to sustained and consistent sound quality in an aluminum guitar.